Hong Kong

here we go:

Day 1 – arrived well, actually very well considering the fact I flew in upper class – lush experience 🙂
One of the first things I noticed is the people are very nice and helpful: for e.g. we’ve asked a girl how to get to the bay and because she couldn’t speak English she phoned a friend to ask what bay means. The funny thing is her friend didn’t know either and said it must be something to do with e-bay hahahaha. In the end we got to the bay…

Weather – boiling: very hot + humidity. I was laughing yesterday when I unpacked cuz I took some make-up with me (not too much though as I’m not into too much makeup) plus some earrings and bangles and I couldn’t wear it at all. So hot…

We walked in an area quite poor but I’m glad I did so because I was able to see the other reality of this country: not only high,
lush buildings and lights but lots of blocks of flats in a very poor state.

Day 2 – early in the morning we went to the Buddha statue.  This statue is the world’s largest Buddha statue, it’s made out of bronze and it’s breathtaking. It’s a must see! We went there with the cable car and the views were amazing.

Near the Big Buddha statue there is the Po Lin Monastery – The Monastery was initially a small temple constructed by three buddhists in 1924. Really nice:)

Then we went in the city centre to visit the Tea House Museum, nice but not that interesting as it was promoted in the travel guides for HKG. We also had some tea which was well overpriced and not that tasty…hmm

And finally we were hungry so we’ve started looking for some Chinese food to eat. And this is when all the fun begins. We’ve literally walked for 1 hour trying to find something decent, Chinese to eat and we’ve ended in a Vietnamese restaurant J The tables were very close to each other and we were sat next to 2 Americans who were working as consultants (God, I love this posh title hahaha) in HKG. They said we’ve actually came to one of the best restaurants in town and I can confirm this as the food was very, very tasty.

Day 3 – after a 13 h sleep (yes, 13) we went around the city centre, took some pics and then we took the tram around HKG. It’s very cheap and the best thing to do if you want to see most of the city centre. And then the best thing of all: we had a massage – it’s a must do if you’re in hkg, really, really good. Because we wanted to have a panoramic view over the city, we headed off to the Victoria Peak. The Peak is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong because it offers spectacular views of the city and its harbours. Really stunning! Here we had our last Chinese dinner and we said good-bye to his unbelievable tall city. The next day at 8 am we had to catch the flight
from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

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