Mt Fuji – 3776m

What should I start with? Oh, yes…We’ve dunnit!!! Quite an adventure and an achievement…

The initial plan was to leave from the hotel at 7.30 pm in order to get to the mountain by 12 midnight and to start the ascent so that at
around 6 am we should’ve been on top happily watching the sunrise. Then we should’ve had a traditional Japanese lunch followed by Onsen baths. Well, it turned out to be completely different, the only thing that was followed in this schedule was the fact that we arrived at 11.45 pm at the mountain just to discover the weather was v bad, heavy rain and wind and the guides said it’s impossible to climb.

This climb was organised by Virgin Atlantic and we were a group of 47 people from Virgin (with friends or family) doing this climb. The
atmosphere was v nice, even if most of us didn’t know each other, we mingled and had a good time together. When we found out we can’t climb and the chances to do so are quite narrow we were quite disappointed. I mean to travel from the other part of the world and not to be able to climb…we weren’t the happiest people on earth. So luckily we had the option to stay from 01am till 06am in a hotel conference room to see how the weather will be in the morning. It turned out to be great fun; we’ve played something and found out funny, crazy things about each other. I thing we’ve slept just 1 h on the floor and then when we woke up to our surprised the sky looked ok, there was no rain or wind so we said we can give it a try.

Now, because the bus was booked till 6 pm it meant that at 3pm we should be back and that would leave us 8 h to do the entire climb when usually you need at least 10 h. So the advice given was to stop at one point and come back even if you didn’t reach the top. So me and Dani decided to give our best and to do it no matter what. When we started climbing we’ve slept only 1 h in the last 24, we had only biscuits for breakfast (there was no shop around to buy something more consistent to eat) but we simply didn’t care. We just had to do it!

Here I want to say that the main reason for this climb was raising money for The British Red Cross. This was to support our local team in Japan who faced widespread destruction and suffering from the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March. Many friends and colleagues donated and I’m really thankful for their nice gesture. I was really touched to see their support and encouragement.
Thank you all!!!

As you can see in one of these pictures, the climb wasn’t that easy, it’s a rocky path and you have to be v careful not to fall. On the way up 80% of the climb was is good conditions, no rain or strong wind. Even if I felt tired, I kept on going and from one point onwards I felt nothing could stop me reaching the top. We’ve encouraged each other all the way through. It is said this mountain is a sacred one and indeed, I felt great vibrations and a lot of joy.

The last 600 m were the hardest ones to climb because the rain started and also there wasn’t much oxygen at that altitude. When we’ve reached the top we were soaking wet already (even if we had windproof, waterproof, extra-mega etc. proof clothes). We managed to drink  tea and after no more than 5 min we started the descent. For me this has been the hardest part of all because it was such a heavy rain
that you couldn’t see 2 meters in front of you. It seemed ages till we got down, but at 2.30 we were at the bus. Yeeeeeeyyy!!!

I feel proud but also humbled to have done this, I’m grateful to this mountain that in the end he allowed us to climb it. Somehow, at one point you feel as if the mountain gives you the power and energy to continue, it’s like a connection that happens between you and Him. Thank you dear mountain for giving me the joy to meet and to know You! You will always be in my heart! 🙂

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