I’ll start by saying is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited so far. I can’t think of a thing that I disliked (bine, poate doar mancarea). Even if there are millions living in this city, you have plenty of space to breath & move, it’s not as crowdie as I imagined. And it’s veeeery clean. And the people are soooo sweet. They bow all the time when they talk to you and always smiling. And I think I can write volumes about how much I enjoyed my staying in Tokyo. That’s why I hope I’ll go back; there are so many other things to see.

Luckily, the location of our hotel was perfect (Ueno part), lots of shops and restaurants and a huge park nearby where the Tokyo National Museum was. This museum is a must see if you are in Tokyo. You can learn so many things about their history and art, very interesting. They have such a rich culture; we’ve spent hours there and I would’ve stayed even more if my legs weren’t in pain (because of the climb).

The following day we went to Asakusa which is a district in Tokyo most famous for a Buddhist temple called Senso-ji which is the largest in Tokyo. We were there early in the morning, I think about 7am and you could see many people on their way to work, coming at this temple to pray for a few minutes. Another thing I noticed is that Japanese people wake up very early…

We also wanted to visit the Imperial Palace but unfortunately it was close so it’s on the list to visit it next time:)

We went to their Electric City where all you can see are shops on 3-4-5 level only with electronic things…astonishing.

A very good place to go if you want to take pictures and to have a 360° panoramic view is the 43rd floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, yeap really good views.

I can’t wait to go back; really loved it and I’m so glad I helped (even if I know it wasn’t a huge amount, but the gesture counts) raising money for the tsunami victims. Although they have a strong economy you can see it comes with a price, they work very hard to have what they have now. I’m sure there are so many other things to discover, I’ve seen only a fraction of it but if someone has doubts going to Japa I would say don’t even think about it; go for it, it’s really, really worth it!!!

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