Enjoying the silent joy in my heart

…is what I’ve been feeling quite a lot lately. I’m quite familiar with this feeling but lately it’s almost a continuous state. It’s a nice mixture of peace spiced with joy and it’s delicious:)  Apart from the fact that these are some special days (Navaratri), I kind of realized some things which were good for me:

–  I’m so happy to have been given the chance to help other people by showing them how
to meditate and to balance themselves (www.freemeditation.com). Oh, and what a good feeling that is! I’ve felt so useful and humble to have done this.

–  I’ve met some very nice, beautiful people and enjoyed their company.

–  I’ve realized I don’t have to be glued to someone but to move further. I used to panic if someone close to my heart didn’t get in touch with me as we used to and I reacted to this. But now I’m glad I’m aware of this and I actually changed my opinion in the fact that I know I have to move on. I mean if a chapter closed than that’s the way it should be; these attachments are not very good…at all!

–  I used to know this mentally but now I’m aware of this in my heart as well: that all that’s happening in my life is for my evolution. So good or “bad” (a se observa ghilimelele)doesn’t matter.

I woke up with this title in my mind and I wanted to write a few words about it because it’s
such a good feeling. I hope it will last long 🙂

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the silent joy in my heart

  1. Just noticed your blogs at a time a night I should be sleeping: ). But typical for the night before the exam… I can’t. So reading this is a very good alternative to sleeping. Chapters don’t just close, we close them ourselves as we are no doubt governed by the law of attraction. And sometimes, just sometimes, you feel light and happy when ‘a chapter has closed’ as you say it, partly because it’s easier to move on rather than consider the alternative: to work at keeping it going. Especially if it was a good chapter. Some people take more than they give but maybe that is required by nature so that they can give back in different ways. However, no matter what, I too second the idea of enjoying the joy in our hearts, mine is a noisy joy! Always have been. : ) ) ever the noisy one me.

    1. yeei, I like when people are saying they have joy in their hearts cuz it’s such a great feeling:) As of chapters, yes, they open, they close, but a book has many of them, so sometimes a chapter is closed in order to begin a new one…x

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