Am avut cateva zile de tacere, o tacere interioara care mi-a invaluit sufletul si care a mancat, dormit, ras, plans, vorbit cu mine for the last x days. Ever since a beautiful, special and kind soul has raised to Heaven. It was part of my soul…

In the same time, I had a few days of total bliss…strangely but yes. I felt surrounded by invisible arms that assured me everything is fine, everything happens the way it should be. And this is how I’ve learnt 2 important lessons: 1. The Spirit never dies; even if in theory I knew that, with this experience I really felt it. And God, it feels so good to REALLY feel and know that. Thank YOU for that!

2. If you are blessed enough to take birth in a great family, surrounded by GREAT people, just cherish this…and enjoy it at the best!!! I think I never quite had my attention on this aspect before and took everything for granted. I tried my best to please my family and so on but now I feel it at another level. This beautiful, special and kind soul has raised me and been there for me at all stages of my life. And oh….I’m so, so grateful for that. I think I never thought about how rich I am. I had the chance to be raised with grace, determination, beauty, strength and lots of love. And I don’t want to sound egoistic or anything, it’s just something I’m aware of now more than ever. Because in different ways everyone is rich, very rich, it’s just a matter of discovering that:)

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