Ahhh, am fost intr-un loc plin de magie si bucurie; intr-un loc pe care un bun prieten galez l-a descris ca fiind one of the best kept secrets…Romania.

When you haven’t been to a known place for a while and you come back to it, even if it’s just for a few days…I think you have a more objective idea of that place. And for me it was magic. And not only because it was Christmas (this too of course), but because I found open hearts, immense love all around and lots of joy. And the reason for all these is that Romanian people are quite like that, my lovely friends are exactly like that and my beautiful family is completely like that (no modesty at all)… 

Now I feel like praising my beautiful country and its people because of the great time I had there, it’s been amazing!!!

Also, I think I’ve missed having open hearts around me so this counts as an explanation too. British people, as kind and lovely as they are, they haven’t got this warmth and openness I’m used to…and I quite missed it:) That’s the thing I like living in another country: I learn more about myself and my origins, I can see myself more clearly and also I can understand/assimilate the qualities of my adopted place. For example, I love the kindness of these people, they are adorable. I’d like to develop this quality more, so luckily I have many examples around me:)

No time to write more now, as I’m packing to move to a new place…overjoyed!














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