Thailand – Phuket

Continuing the Thai odyssey, we flew over to Phuket where we’ve stayed for 6 days. Phuket is a beautiful island, very, very touristy. I don’t think I’ve seen more than 4-5 (no kidding) Thai tourists; they were all foreigners.

Here we stayed in one of the most originals hotels we’ve seen. The architecture was amazing, with gardens on each floor so wherever you looked you could see this beautiful, colourful floral arrangements…really nice.

There are different islands to visit there and we’ve chosen the James Bond one (The Man with the Golden Gun). It was well worth it as the island is absolutely amazing. On the way there we’ve visited other smaller islands, we’ve done some canoeing and we had great fun.

I would’ve loved to go to Maya Island (The Beach) but after we’ve been to the Bond one (which was quite exhausting), we’ve decided to call it off.

The highlight for me was riding the elephants as I love these cute animals and I was so happy to finally ride one.

In a nutshell I’ll say I enjoyed my time in Thailand. I’m more and more amazed by what beautiful places and people this world has. And that’s why I can’t wait to let myself amazed by other new places in the near future…

Some pictures here that speak for themselves:


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