Tokyo 2

What a full month this (actually June) has been…full of good, sweet, happy things. It started with a long weekend in Manchester where I’ve celebrated the Diamond Jubilee dancing and singing with the crowd, then meeting my parents who came to visit me and the cherry on the cake: going to Tokyo for the second time.

Ever since I went to Tokyo last year, I said I must come back and visit some more so…mission completed 🙂

If last time I said I love Japan (or at least what I saw of it), this time I’ll say I adore it. Oh, there are so many things I can say to back-up this that it would take quite some time to write all down. But as I will forget some things is I won’t write them down, here we go:

– Japanese people are an example of sweet, disciplined and humble people (they bow all the time).

– There have these peaceful gardens where you get absorbed by the beautiful simplicity of the garden’s arrangements. I loved the small trees (like ikebana, just bigger), the wooden ponds, the tea houses.

– If you travel to Tokyo, a tea house must be a “must visit” on the list. I’d recommend going to the Hamariku Garden and try the green tea at the tea house…it’s a dream!

– Tokyo is the cleanest city (next to Singapore) I’ve ever seen.

– I had the privilege to meet the Japanese Sahaja Yoga collectivity who kindly took us to Japanese restaurant. The main dish was noodles but I have to say I had at least 3-4 additional small dishes that by the end of it, I was fully staffed. The food was lush.

– Most if the Japanese food is raw and consists mainly of fish, rice or noodles. If you are lucky to find an English speaker Japanese as a waiter/waitress, you are saved as you can get details of the meal . Otherwise, even if you see the nice pictures on the menu, you might have a huge surprise when the food comes. I once ordered a chicken and egg dish (which looked amazing on the menu) and when it came I had rice with a topping of raw egg and some half-done chicken.

– I’d recommend spending some time in Shibuya. It’s such a live place, full of colour, music, youngsters, nice cafés and loads of shops.

– The Imperial Palace, or better say the gardens, as you are not allowed to visit the Palace, were rather disappointing. There wasn’t too much you could see so I’d give it a miss if I were a tourist.

– On the tube, invariably, they were doing one of 3 things: sleeping, playing on the phone or reading. It was such fun watching them 🙂

– It’s really worth visiting the city outskirts where most of the people leave to get a glimpse of their lives.

Will I go there again? I really hope so. It’s been great and the more I see, the more I want to discover even more…


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