Let the love be your energy

Just a few words about how I feel ever since this year has started as it’s a special feeling that I have and it’s worth mentioning it.

Well, in three words: I feel…excellent!

I’m truly happy and peaceful. I know I’m bragging but I can’t help it.

When I moved countries, for the first 2 years I had loads of experiences that in the end have made me stronger. Even if it was hard sometimes, they have helped me a lot. I was very confident with myself and thought I know myself v well. Still, only when I had to have a  different way of life, I discovered another part of me, I saw myself even better in the mirror of life.

And if the first 2 years were the years of discovering, clearing, introspecting, the third year is the year of having loads and loads of fun. And QT (quality time).

Since I was in Uni, I used to do loads of stuff at once: work, study, getting involved in the Student Union etc. I always had at least 2 major things on the go that took most of my time and energy and attention…

Now I managed to free myself of all this nonsense ideas of having a great career and this and that. So I now have a normal 8h job and loads of spare time to do whatever I want.

So I read a lot. One of my favourite hobbies is reading and I can stay a whole day a read a book (this is what I’ve actually done yesterday; had a day off and spent it all reading a whole book on the beach…lush).

I’m cycling, swimming, and stay outside as much as I can.

I meet interesting people.

I meditate of course.

And best of all…I travel – quite a lot now.

Basically I’m enjoying my life.

A very nice lady, a true lady who I admire a lot, told me the other day something that I’ve never thought off, but when she said it, it all made sense. I was telling her that I’m not that good at taking care of other people, in the fact that if I have to care for someone I’d probably forget to do loads of things… and all of a sudden she stopped me and said: ‘Delia, you have another way of caring which I haven’t seen in many people: you can empower people!’ Minor blushing…


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