Cancun – Mexico

I’ve just returned from another holiday and what can I can say…. I had a blast!!! whoaaaaaa

Fist stop: Cancun

After a looong flight (11 hours) we’ve arrived on the warm Mexican land super-duper happy to start yet another exciting tour.

We’ve chosen Cancun for two reasons: to see its beautiful beaches and immerse into one of my favourite civilizations: Maya.

And indeed, Cancun has the bluest, clearest sea water I’ve ever seen so far, a dream. Proof:

The hotel I’ve stayed in is Grand Melia and I have to admit it had the most astonishing lobby, absolutely gorgeous:

It’s a nice hotel though the prices for anything you buy are a total rip-off (internet, calls, food etc).

I have to mention the Mexican food; I wasn’t expecting to be that good (I haven’t had Mexican food before so that explains). We’ve headed downtown every day and tried all sorts of dishes: tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos etc. I can’t say I’ve got a favourite as I liked them all.

I have a favourite restaurant though called Pik-Nik. We had no idea how good it was until we ate the food and other tourists siting at a near table said they looked for this restaurant for good 2 hours as they’ve heard what a tasty food they do there. So we were lucky to get there…

All in all, I’d recommend Cancun; it has great beaches, amazing food, it’s close to archaeological sites, good music and lots of colour:)

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