Bright and shiny

“You are born not only to be human beings, but you have to be superhuman.

You have to enjoy yourself. Your life should be enjoyable.

It should be blissful. It should not be a curse, morning until evening worried about this, worried about that.

God has no intention of creating people who would all the time be worried, quarreling, fighting.

He created people who will live in complete harmony, peace and joy.

That is why we are created.

That is our destiny.

It is not just that I am telling you, but it is a fact.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.  Journey Within: The final steps to Self-Realisation


I’ve kind of dragged myself to write on my online diary about this year that is coming to an end now…Dragged because now I’m busy watching series and movies everyone but me has seen before (huge smile), and also because I don’t like to brag (that much) and if I am to talk about this year, I kind of have to (wink).

There are many things to say, but I would use one simple word to describe how 2012 has been for me: happy. Why?

–       The main reason I thoroughly enjoyed this year is because I lived in the present more than I’ve done in the last few years. And when you live your present, it can only be peachy. Of course, travelling every 2-3 months helped a lot as well:)

–       I was just thinking what country I enjoyed most this year and it’s hard to choose. I’ll leave Japan aside as it’s top on my list forever (I have a connection with this country, that’s for sure hahaha). Singapore was a dream; I’ll never forget the trip from the airport to the hotel at 03 am, it was so beautiful, I actually said it’s heaven; not to mention the Harbour view in the evening with the lights dancing all around…Then Thailand with its charm and sweet people and roof bars, and massages, and elephants, and amazing islands…Then Mexico with the most amazing sea water-colour and the most delicious food… And Cuba with it music that could lift even the stones up…

–       I’ve learned to swim (well, I’m not Phelps but I won’t get drowned at least).

–       I’ve spend loads of time in the nature thanks to my bike. I can’t wait now for the warmer weather to come so I can stay outdoors as much as I can. It was great to go with McD for a 10-15 miles ride after a full day in work…I agree on having a gym membership in the winter but when there are more than 15C outside, there is no excuse to spend as much time as possible in the beautiful nature.

–       I’ve improved my cooking skills. I wouldn’t cook daily but I enjoy trying or improving new recipes. Talking of which, I’ve re-started doing my favourite cake of all times: Tiramisu. I have to post the recipe one day, it’s lush.

–       I’ve started to learn about Ayurveda and more importantly I’ve started to apply some of the healthy principles in my daily routine. And having an almost healthy lifestyle is awesome.

–       I dance a lot in my mind, heart, house and sometimes even in some clubs when I go out.

 –      And the best thing: I am blessed to be surrounded by an immense ocean of love.

So, when I mentioned I’ll brag…I wasn’t kidding. It wasn’t all bright and shiny but when I had my low moments, I felt strong and didn’t let myself get upset…everything hapends for a reason and when I’m on the edge, I know that all I have to do is…surrender. 

I wish Santa will bring us all joy and love and harmony and a viciously exciting life for the years to come.

Packing now…going for a few days to beautiful Romania…


Thank you 2012!


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