Getting rid of chemicals

My new project is replacing all my chemically based cleaners and beauty products with natural ones. I cringe when I think of the dozens of chemical products used on a daily basis…

And what I found was that it’s not difficult at all to find natural, healthy products that can be used instead of the sparkly, expensive, fragranced ones we find on the beauty shelves.

I am utterly fond of moisturisers and I used to have 5-6 at least…now I’ve got just 2 (which is a huge improvement). I say improvement because these lotions have loads of chemicals in them and my skin was eating them all each time I used them.

And the 2 of them are organic ones so…not too bad. But what I have used to compensate my moisturisers is…OIL:  jasmine, almond, coconut, sesame oil. I massage it before a shower so it’s not sticky at all. It is healthier, cheaper and the skin looks much better.

Last time my mom visited me, she brought me a deodorant which is absolutely amazing. It is a natural mineral salt called ALUM, which has no other additives in it. There are two types of this stone: potassium alum which is the natural and ammonium alum which is synthetic.



Basically, the alum stone blocks the appearance of bacteria, but does not inhibit perspiration. Contrary to TV ads, perspiration is healthy. All these deodorants stop the perspiration process whereas this mineral stone inhibits just the bad smell, without blocking the elimination of toxins from the body. It is much cheaper to use it as opposed to normal deodorants: paid about GBP 5 and it will last me for more than a year for sure. And it is very efficient: I’ve used it at 40*C when I was in India and it was great. And the list of benefits can go on: it has no smell and it doesn’t leave any marks.

Now the eyeliner is my top favourite make-up product and when I went to India I’ve discovered a natural substitute from Himalaya (my faves) called KAJAL. This one is a herbal Kajal which has ingredients like pure Almond oil, Castor oil, Damask Rose. It has such a nice, cooling effect on my eyes. Not only it’s a beauty product, but it takes care of my eyes…which is brilliant.



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