Romanian magic Christmas

I’m still recovering after two weeks of eating, visiting, running, skating, parting, laughing I’ve spent in my beautiful hometown Brasov (Romania). I was just talking with a friend and told her that if anyone wants to feel Christmassy, then I highly recommend Romania. We have beautiful traditions and I’m happy to see they are still kept (at least in some parts of the country).

Christmas tree

In our family, the tradition is to meet in the Christmas Eve (24th Dec) at about 06.00 pm with the family at my in laws house (my mom in law is the perfect cook). My parents are coming, relatives etc, it’s a huge gathering. The tradition is that the guests have to sing carols when they arrive and this is lots of fun (one can imagine why). Also, we have friends or strangers coming to sing carols and in return they get money, cakes and traditional food.

We eat loads of food during Christmas days (and not only). We have starters (at east 4-5 types), a main course with steak, then another course with cabbage (traditional) and cakes. By the time we finish (2-3 am) we cannot even stand up from the table.


The best moment was when my friend came with her ‘band’ to sing carols, dressed in traditional Romanian clothes..


This time we also had Santa and it was hilarious, we were all laughing our eyes out (we had a very funny Santa to say the least).


Half way through we all go and take the gifts under the tree and we are all kissing and hugging…it’s beautiful.

On Christmas Day we start again and go to my parents’ house (about 02.00 pm), then we visit other friends/relatives to share gifts, eat, drink and have lots of fun…

We went to a traditional restaurant called ‘Coliba Haiducilor’ and they had a the most beautiful ladder I’ve seen; these are just pickles, nicely decorated:



I liked the pubs I saw in Brasov; I went in a few and they were nicely decorated; some of them with a 1930’s- 1940’s design, one called Apoteke (German for pharmacy) that looked like a medieval pharmacy (I didn’t have my camera on me and I’m gutted) and the waiters were dressed as pharmacists. I also went to my favourite coffee place and ordered a vanilla coffee (better taste than Starbucks even).


For the New Year’s party, we’ve rented a nice coffee shop and had a themed party. We all (well, not all but most of us) dressed in a country’s traditional clothing and I chose to dress in a kimono. Actually I’m lucky to have a very talented best friend who came with the clothes, made my hair and make-up (and I dressed her in an Indian sari). We had a smashing time and I thing we went home at 6 am.


Some more pictures from Brasov:

       P1000801      Brasov BrasovBrasovBrasovBrasov 

The Black church

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