The Great Wall of China – day 3

This is the day when I woke up and praised my legs as I hardly felt any pain. The long hours in the gym have paid off big time 🙂

I couldn’t wait to start the third day of climbing at Huanghuacheng where we began the steep but beautiful hike along the largely unrestored wall.

I’ve read that when summer comes, the entire village under the wall is immersed in a sea of yellow wild flowers (‘Yellow flower’ is ‘huanghua’ in Chinese). Consequently, this village got the name Huanghuacheng, and this section is called Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

This section was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644),  and it is located 65 kilometres (40.39 miles) from Beijing City. This part of the Wall (about 7 miles long) is a resort with mountains, lakes and the ancient wall.

The wall plunges into the waters of Lake Xishuiyu where we’ve camped at a beautiful spot in an orchard, on the edge of this lake, right beneath the wall…incredible views.

We then had one of the most delicious barbecues ever with fish, loads of vege, chicken and watermelon (my favourite, I think I ate 10 pieces, it was so sweet and juicy, a dream). As a desert we had a grilled banana boat with chocolate…delish.

And the cherry on the cake was the bonfire.

Next morning we woke up at 4.30 am to watch the sunshine on the beautiful, astonishing Great Wall of China.

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