The Great Wall of China – final day

This was the most emotional day for me. It was the day when I’ve realised a huge dream of mine has been achieved. I’ve never imagined it would happen so quickly, so beautifully, while being surrounded by some very lovely people.

We are the only ones imposing our own limits. Truth is I always thought I’m not designed for hard work, gruelling training and strong physical effort. But I’ve showed myself I can do it regardless of what my mind was thinking. I found strength and determination I wasn’t aware of, I found lots of adrenaline when it was harder and harder to climb and I found I even enjoy putting my muscles at strain.

We’ve started the day at the wild and rugged wall called Jiankou, a favourite with photographers. Most pictures found on the Internet related to the Great Wall are taken from this wall section. And no wonder why… it has a beautiful, astonishing, unique scenery.

Located in the mountain ridge of Xizhazi Village, about 30km (19 miles) to Huairou County in Beijing, Jiankou was an important section of the wall in Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). It is regarded as one of the most dangerous sections of the Ming’s wall. It was built from the local material – dolomite and the large pieces of white rock make it striking to the eye at a distance.

The walk began with a solidly steep hour’s climb through woodland up to the wall. To my amazement I thoroughly enjoyed this steep, upbeat climb. When we’ve reached the top we had lunch while looking at one of the most spectacular views ever. We then walked towards the restored wall at Mutianyu which marked the end of our journey.

I almost had my eyes in tears when I was descending the (endless) stairs from the wall to the car park. I couldn’t believe it’s over. We had only 4 full on days but it definitely felt longer. I had mixed feelings: I was sad it’s over, thrilled I’ve successfully completed the trek, proud of this amazing achievement and most important grateful I had this huge chance to be there…and this feeling will remain with me forever.

I’ve been told many times lately that I’m so lucky for having the chance to see so many places all over the world. And it is true, I’m not denying it. But this is the result of something else as well…One of my favourite quotes is that when a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream (Coelho).

And I’m lucky to have my lovely soul-mate with me, sharing the same dream.

Apart from all the beautiful photos and memories I’ll forever keep with me, every travel experience is like a new chapter in my evolution as a human being, it’s like a learning curve, about me, about others, about the would…what can I wish for more?

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