My patch of heaven – a village in Romania


My next holiday is close and I haven’t managed to write about my last trip to beautiful Romania in Jun/Jul…shame on.

I took one week extra holiday to stay in ‘my patch of heaven’. When I think of my childhood, this is the place I think off. A place full of happiness, fresh air, simple and beautiful people, fragrance, organic fruits and vegetables,..and the list is endless. It is the village my grandparents lived in and I was fortunate enough to spend my school holidays there every year.

I say fortunate because this is where I’ve learnt to enjoy walking barefoot in the garden, to eat as natural as possible by picking the fruits directly from the trees and vegetables from the garden, to enjoy the silence of the nature, to sow all sorts of veg, to take care of flowers…

It’s a simple life but you really feel you are alive. Only a landline, no internet, just a bit of radio and TV…perfect. Of course, I could have them all if I wanted to but I didn’t want to spoil the magic of this place…



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