Amsterdam rocks

I went to Amsterdam this past Bank holiday weekend to enjoy some nice architecture, terraces and well-known paintings. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. On the contrary, I enjoyed it so much that for 3 days I walked in this beautiful city from early in the morning and got back late in the night. By the end of my city break I felt completely knackered but very chuffed for spending tons of quality time.


Points to remember:

– book through Airbnb as all hotels are a total rip off.

– the Rijksmuseum is an amazing place to see some of the most beautiful paintings ever. I can’t describe how amazed I was looking at some of the paintings which looked so real. I think I stood in a complete awe looking at Rembrandt’s Portrait of Maria Trip. What struck me wasn’t the face but the outfit, that embroidery looked incredible. To see it ‘live’ is unbelievable.


– don’t plan visiting other museum after Rijksmuseum (or before).

– admire the Dutch houses architecture, it’s a total delight.

– eat Dutch cheese, it’s one of the best ones.


– there are loads of quirky, original, lovely terraces so trying a few of them it’s a must.


– walk on the canals as much as possible, it’s so refreshing.




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