Beautiful Croatia

I keep on being asked about Croatia so I thought it would be good to write a bit about my trip in 2009. We’ve decided last-minute to do a tour therefore we haven’t managed to save too much money so we’ve tried to cut the cost as much as possible.

So, to lower the cost we’ve decided to go there with our car and it as the best decision ever. We haven’t planned where to stay, we’ve decided to drive along as stop wherever we liked. It’s worth taking a tour along the coast of this beautiful country, it’s absolutely amazing. And never on the motorway, even if it will take longer, the drive and the scenery is absolutely fantastic. If I would go there without a car I would definitely hire one.

Also, we haven’t booked any accommodation before we got there. Croatia is quite touristy therefore there are loads of signs with houses offering accommodation. Just ring the bell the owner will tell you how much you need to pay; and a bit of haggle won’t hurt (in two of the places we’ve stayed, we got it cheaper than the initial asking price).

We went to:

–       Zagreb: I wouldn’t go there again really. Interesting but not extraordinary. It took a while to find a place to stay here so its the only place I’d recommend booking in advance.

–       Plitvice Lakes National Park: I don’t know how to best describe this place really as it is absolutely breath-taking. I will definitely visit this place again at one point in my life. You cannot visit Croatia without going to Plitvice!!!


We stayed about 20km away in a beautiful house, very cheap (I’m sure it would’ve been much more expensive had we decided to look for a place to stay closer to the national park) and this is where I’ve seen the most beautiful setting for a house. How gorgeous is it to wake up in the morning and go kayaking on the lake in front of your house?…


–       Zadar: we’ve stayed there for just a few hours but I still remember what a splendid city that was.


–       Primosten: this was the first place we’ve decided to spend 2 nights and enjoy the beach.

DSC06186 DSC06198 DSC06183

–       Trogir: a historic city with old but beautiful buildings.


–       Split: it’s the largest city on the Croatian coast, way too beautiful.

DSC06216 DSC06214

–       Makarska: it was so stunning, we’ve stayed here for a few nights. The mountain rocks falling into the sea made an exceptional scenery.

DSC06247 DSC06254 DSC06260 DSC06271 DSC06272 DSC06274 DSC06278 DSC06281 DSC06238 DSC06224

–       Dubrovnik: is among the 10 best medieval walled cities in the world and it’s a jewel, until you go there to see it, you almost cannot believe it’s beauty.

DSC06334 DSC06333 DSC06328 DSC06323 DSC06318 DSC06316 DSC06315 DSC06310 DSC06303 DSC06302 DSC06300 DSC06296 DSC06295 DSC06346 DSC06343

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