My mornings

I’m not a morning person but I like making my mornings as peach as possible. Today I was on the treadmill at 7.30 am and I was thinking about my mornings (yeap, I’m extremely bored when I run)…

And I’ve realised I’ve got different types of perfect mornings (very deep I know).

One example:

I start my day with a fresh juice made with either lemons and a bit of honey or a combination of apple + orange or orange + carrot or Kiwi+ orange+apple or pineapple+orange.

I always drink something on an empty stomach and I feel great.

I then go to meditate for 15-20 minutes. It gives me the balance that will follow me during the day.

For breakfast I have either some yogurt with turmeric or some porridge with nuts and sometimes bread with butter and jam.

The gym is next on the list where in 1 hour I run 5 k, I do some exercise for my back and arms, I shower so then I’m good to go to work.

Total time needed: around 2 h.

More examples to come…

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