Cape Town

And I’m back…from a sunny place to a rainy Wales.

For the first time ever I’ve spent the winter holidays at 30  ͦC, in a beautiful and eclectic country – South Africa. And if I had time to write 14 posts for each day I’ve spent there, I would have gladly done it as there are so many pictures and stories to share…

We had little time to prepare for this trip and everything has been booked last minute. And to book last minute for the peak of the peak season in SA, it’s a great challenge. But we’ve managed to pull it through and quite in a big style 🙂

We wanted to see as much as possible in two weeks and in the same time to feel we are on holiday as well, meaning not to go from one place to the other all the time. Partially, it worked:)

We booked everything ourselves, without a travel agent or an organised tour.

Itinerary: we’ve landed in Cape Town where we’ve stayed for 4 days, and then we went along the coast to the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point and Simon’s Town. Next part of the tour was along the Garden Route until George (sadly, we couldn’t spend more than 2 days here). We’ve stayed for 2 ½ days in Durban, then we headed off to the amazing Kruger Park where we’ve spent 3 days.

So, first on the list: CAPE TOWN

I highly recommend:

– spending time at the Waterfront (we went there daily as it was close to our hotel).

– taking the hop-on hop-off bus.

– eating at the Mama Africa (make sure you book 2-3 days in advance, we called just on the day we wanted to go there and we were lucky to get a table).

– hike Table Mountain. I’ll stop here a bit as I want to point out that it’s very safe to hike it, when we went it was like on a boulevard, there were so many tourists there. It is also much cheaper and more rewarding than using the cable car. The queue to take the cable car was so huge, I think it took us less time to hike than to wait our turn for it.

– spending time on the Long Street which is full of quirky, nice bars and restaurants.

– Camps Bay is a stunning place to get a tan, but forget about bathing in the sea, I think the water temperature was 7-8  ͦC.

– Company Gardens.

– Kirstenbosh Botanical Gardens: this place is truly breath-taking.  We’ve spent one afternoon there but I could have easily stayed there for a whole day just admiring the beautiful setting. And you are even allowed to have your picnic there.




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